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The Zionist Question Today
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The Jews, by their illegal and terrorist activities, have laid a foundation of great difficulty for those who are seeking to promote world peace. RI 430.

The area of difficulty - as is well known - is the Near East and Palestine. The Jews, by their illegal and terrorist activities, have laid a foundation of great difficulty for those who are seeking to promote world peace. As a Jewish member of my Ashram pointed out (and I commend him on his soul vision), the Jews have partially again opened the door to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through Hitler and his evil gang. The "sealing" of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is the part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one point of which is to be found in the Zionist Movement in the United States, another in central Europe, and the third in Palestine. Palestine is no longer a Holy Land and should not be so regarded. RI 430.

To these factors must be added today the struggle between Hindu and Moslem for the control of India, and the fight over Palestine -fomented by the Zionists, and not by the Jews as a whole - a fight in which the Zionists prevented the displaced Jewish persons (only 20% of the whole) from discovering how welcome they are in many countries throughout the world; a fight which has greed and not any love of Palestine behind it, and which is governed by financial interests and not by the humanitarian spirit which the Zionists claim and which would force them to accept the offers made by Great Britain, Canada, Chile, Belgium and many other lands. EXT 615.

Release from the present situation will come when the Jew forgets that he is a Jew and becomes in his inmost consciousness an Italian, an American, a Britisher, a German or a Pole. This is not so at this time. The Jewish problem will be solved by intermarriage. EH 267.

Today the law is working, and the Jews are paying the price, factually and symbolically, for all they have done in the past. They are demonstrating the far-reaching effects of the Law. Factually and symbolically, they stand for culture and civilization; factually and symbolically, they are humanity; factually and symbolically, they stand as they have ever chosen to stand, for separation. They regard themselves as the chosen people and have an innate consciousness of that high destiny, forgetting their symbolic role and that it is Humanity which is the chosen people and not one small and unimportant fraction of the race.

Factually and symbolically, they long for unity and cooperation, yet know not how to cooperate; factually and symbolically, they are the "Eternal Pilgrim"; they are mankind, wandering through the mazes of the three worlds of human evolution, and gazing with longing eyes towards a promised land; factually and symbolically, they resemble the mass of men, refusing to comprehend the underlying spiritual purpose of all material phenomena, rejecting the Christ within (as they did centuries ago the Christ within their borders), grasping for material good and steadily rejecting the things of the spirit. They demand the so-called restitution of Palestine, wresting it away from those who have inhabited it for many centuries; and by their continued emphasis upon material possession they lose sight of the true solution, which is that, symbolically and factually again, they must be assimilated into all the nations, and fused with all the races, thus demonstrating recognition of the One Humanity.

If the Jewish race would recall, therefore, their high symbolic destiny, and if the rest of humanity would see themselves in the Jewish people, and if both groups would emphasize the fact of human stock and cease thinking of themselves in terms of national and racial units, the karma of humanity would radically change from the retributive karma of the present to the recompensing good karma of the future. EH 265.

The Jews voice loudly and constantly their demand for redress and help; they blame the non-Jewish nations for their miseries; they fail always to recognize any conditions on their own side which could account for some of the general dislike with which they are confronted; they make no concessions to the civilizations and cultures in which they find themselves but insist on remaining apart; they blame others for their isolation, but the fact remains that they have been given equal opportunity as citizens in all open-minded countries. Their contribution to the solution of this ancient problem is a material one, and shows no psychological insight or any recognition of the spiritual values involved; no problem can today be solved entirely along material lines. Man has as a whole outgrown that. PH 103.

The Jews illegally [1947/8], with “terrorist activities” caused great difficulty for the UN and seekers of world peace. They partially once more opened the door to the forces of evil. The "sealing" has not been successful. The Zionist root cause, impulses all terrorist activity throughout the world, causing hate and separation, insecurity and destruction.

All major terrorist groups/cells including nations hate the Jews and some have stated their intention to eliminate them. They have declared their hatred for the west and the UN. This is the world situation to date. Moslem activists are in a full-blown third world war against the west and the Jews. Korean communist activities and all totalitarianism also respond to the inflowing forces of cosmic evil.

It is as well to remember we should not find ourselves hating our brothers within terrorist organizations. It is all to easy to lay blame at the door of Islamic fundamentalists when in reality they are fallen victims to the partially opened door to the forces of cosmic evil. This is a door for which they are not responsible of opening, as is clearly stated by DK. It is true that all old forms and religions worldwide must die as the Piscean energies wane and the lower destructive energies of Aquarius wax in strength. It is also true that certain groups within Iraq during WW2 pledged allegiance to the Nazi’s as they congregated in that land, as did certain groups of people in India, and fought for Hitler. This misplaced loyalty incurred great karma and in-fact secured the right to take on the role of the Fourth Reich and pledge their hatred for the Jewish people and the west.

It is, however, the Zionist Jews, who opened partially the door to the inflowing evil of a cosmic nature. They did this by initiating “illegal and terrorist activities” when the UN and world peace seekers were aiming to resolve a post war situation. The UN was helping to create for the Jews a homeland, which via the goodwill of many nations could have existed if trust and time had been given. Were these given, along with their co-operation, a solution to the home base of the Jew could have been met with the goodwill of all concerned. Illegal and terrorist activities refer to the "force majeure" used by The Zionists to secure [take] the land not agreed by the British or UN. The opening up of the "door" by this aggressive stealing of land by force was exactly the same as the Nazi Lebensraum, the German term for "living space" policy. The military legion (Haganah) they used was also deemed illegal by the British and supposedly disbanded by them, yet the Zionists illegally expanded it considerably.

This was a great and new experiment involving a newly formed United Nations at a time when the sealing of cosmic evil had just been accomplished at close of WW1/2. The fight of the Zionist hardliners actually prevented the 20% of displaced Jews from being accepted into many other places throughout the world. The Zionists prevented the Jewish persons from accepting the welcoming offers of home by many countries. They created Israel by fight, using Illegal and terrorist activities. Yet have no love of Palestine. The original vision of hierarchy was not of the new creation of Israel, but of dispersal and their integration into the willing and accepting countries many of which were very pleased to receive them along with their many skills, talents, artistic and cultural acumen. However, the use of force and terrorist tactics, in demanding the acquisition of land, in an antagonistic manner towards the UN and the UK of course prevented this.

The opening of the door to magnetic corruption has magnified greatly the dying energies and forms thus giving the Palestinians a great and unceasing impetus to wreak revenge and retribution upon the Jewish peoples for stealing land and bombing and killing Arabs and British Soldiers by hanging them and booby trapping the bodies with explosives in 1947/8. Terrorists formed the first Israeli government. Indeed, Palestine is no longer a holy place and should not be regarded so according to DK, precisely because of the forces of materialism that operates from this major point of a threefold triangle of evil. This is self-evident and for all to recognise in the light of wisdom.

It is not the Jewish people as a whole that have opened this door but a small number as mentioned, the Zionists. It is they who partially opened the door to evil and therefore rendered humanity as vulnerable to the dark forces of materialism, desire for land, money and power over others and who have, as the philosophy of the ageless wisdom indicates, no love of Palestine. As a consequence we see that the greater portion of Israel is subject to periodic attack, destruction and hatred, in the same way as is Palestine and other parts of the world that become subject to such terrorist attacks.

Why is this? DK clearly and in detail gives us the reason. The Jews via the Zionists, has attracted the law of “retributive karma” which is today and in current time, being worked out and incurred at the same time. This is reaped for past events and is entirely due to the partial opening of the door to cosmic evil for which they are responsible. We are witnessing the effects of their initial actions of illegal and terrorist activities. Cosmic evil is in essence the dying force of past materialistic effects, though of a cosmic origin and due to the breaking of spiritual law they have subjected themselves and humanity to the inflowing of tremendous forces which sweep into activity all forms which are able to respond to it.

Thus due to their initiating of this and of their initial actions of stealing land and resources not belonging to them, karmic law being ever cyclical and with precision adjusts and balance’s nature, thus the Palestinians responding to the inflow of cosmic evil use violence, terrorism and hatred to wreak vengeance upon Israel. So it is that terror organisations such as Hezbollah, Alqeda, the Taliban, Hamas and similar organisations of great destruction exact under karmic law a precise balancing and response to the original terrorist action and refusal of integration into humanity, displaying a “symbolic and factual” separation from it. It is well to remember that the Jewish people, having broken the divine law are impulsed to ever “wander” and “find know peace” yet we should note that in the case of Israel, they do not wander, and contrary to divine law hold on to that which they grasp. This is a crucial and factual point of consideration.

The Middle East is a battleground for terrorists and is the furious and focused place of cosmic evil and of  “karmic retribution” at this time. It is well known that this fury of terror and evil is not alone confined to the Middle East. Today it is a worldwide phenomenon as the forces of evil rage and brings attack and destruction to any who have any allegiance or relationship to the Jewish people or Israel. Osama Bin Ladan has declared a fatwah or holy war on humanity and declared his destructive forces upon the West, the UN and the Jews. Alqeda brings many terrorist fighters to Iraq, coming from Syria, Iran and others. In this we must clearly note the tide of evil as a consequence and result and indeed the effect of the “retributive karma” incurred by the Jewish group, always reinforced and perpetuated by the continuance of their refusal to fulfil the command of the divine law indicated with great detail by DK.

Islamic terrorist fighters spread throughout the lands of the world who share a more fundamental hard line and are responsive therefore to the inflow of magnetic corruption, identify and share in the holy war and take part to the extent of suicide bombings and wholesale slaughter and destruction of people throughout the world. Some well known are 911, 7/7 London, 7/11madrid and the many attacks at US marine bases, UN quarters and many other public bombings. We should take careful note however, that terrorist attacks are but the effect of the karma of the Jewish people, the karma carried over from the first solar system and of their refusal to drop that which they hold in material goods and land and primarily their refusal to completely integrate into humanity and to become “factually and symbolically” integrated humanity and to no longer stand “factually and symbolically” for separation.

This necessity of integration into humanity marks an exact objective as given out by the Great White Brotherhood. It is a precise and specific injunction that necessitates compliance in order of their spiritual advancement and of the advancement of humanity as a whole. The Master DK is very precise and unambiguous about this. The price for not so doing, is being paid, and the “law is ever working.”


Very clearly, we are told that the solution to the “Jewish question” is to be found by inter marriage with the rest of humanity and that the whole question is one of their lacking any true “psychological insight” ever contributing only a material solution to this spiritual problem. Today no problem can be addressed only from a material point of view, for humanity has moved beyond that low point and what’s required is a recognition, an acceptance of the spiritual values involved and a moving beyond their low and basic refusal to do so. The key to the whole solution is that they “let go” of old wounds, fears and an ide fix that they are any different from the rest of humanity. Once they make this hard and basic recognition, through pain and agony, all problems will dissolve and disappear and they will quite naturally drift into the mass of the rest of their brothers, humanity, as have the greater part of the Jewish peoples with their “retributive karma” transforming into a recompensing good karma of the future which will bring humanity to the point of world discipleship and a true citizenship.

The War On Terror:

One may well ask, how does the “war on terror” and “the coalition of the willing” have a place in this? Of course then, there is a great struggle in process, going on between light and darkness, this dark force seeks always to bring dissolution, chaos, destruction and emphasis all the lower vices and aspects of the seven divine rays.

Although there are many darker and less wholesome qualities coming from America and Europe for that matter, there is still, though contrary to the voiced thoughts of many people, a strong sense of right and a strong sense of morality and ability to make a stand against terror, against tyranny and against the destruction of the higher values which make the American government and people, what they are and what they are meant to be, good and just citizens within the world disciple, humanity.

Osama Bin Laden has very clearly declared war on all Americans and peoples of the world, who will not take on the values as denoted by him and Alqeda. This is very clear. The American government has justly declared war on all terror and the dark networks which feed and administer such. Consequently we see that, as stated, Islamic attacks have been made on America for the placing of her soldiers on Islamic soil.

JPC. 25 July 2006.

The Zionists prevented the displaced Jewish persons (only 20% of the whole) from discovering how welcome they are in many countries throughout the world; a fight which has greed and not any love of Palestine behind it, and which is governed by financial interests and not by the humanitarian spirit which the Zionists claim and which would force them to accept the offers made by Great Britain, Canada, Chile, Belgium and many other lands. EXT 615.


The Zionists prevented the Jewish persons from accepting the welcoming offers of home by many countries. They created Israel by fight, using Illegal and terrorist activities. Yet have no love of Palestine.




Calvin, and all who followed his lead made the same mistake and instead of holding before the people of the Occident the realization that those who recognized their essential divinty did so on behalf of all the developing, incarnating sons of God, they regard themselves as the Chosen People and all who did not think as they are regarded as lost. DN 34.


John Calvin's Comment about the Jews:
Jews are the firstborn, what the Prophet declares must be fulfilled, especially in them: for that scripture calls all the people of God Israelites, it is to be ascribed to the preeminence of that nation, who God had preferred to all other nations...God distinctly claims for himself a certain seed, so that his redemption may be effectual in his elect and peculiar nation...God was not unmindful of the covenant which he had made with their fathers, and by which he testified that according to his eternal purpose he loved that nation: and this he confirms by this remarkable declaration, that the grace of the divine calling cannot be made void."
(1509-1564) Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XIX, Epistle to the Romans. www.


JPC. 10/8/06. 





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